Transform your reports and other unstructured information into a real time action tool and invite colleagues & partners to start optimizing your business on the spot.

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Personalized information

Endless datafeeds

Geo fencing

Colleague chat function

Bring business analytics from any report into the hands of the operational people to better run your business

Data-driven action anywhere anyplace
The Reportme platform: personalize your reports and involve any colleague, so attention is raised to get your business actions done.
• Gets reports read for discovery and insights to action
• Connects the right people and the right information
• Action tool for collaboration amongst colleagues

Colleague planning Build your own colleague-group and raise attention for tasks

Eliminate the guesswork and offer people in the operation with actionable insights

1.000.000 reasons to learn about our service and outcome of our solution


All information managed per interest group
No worries about technologies

Safely-built for now and the future on IBM mobile first platform

1.000.000 REASONS

• Simple edition price structure; BASIC, PRO and ENTERPRISE

• Apps as a Service; Monthly fee for unlimited users

• Don’t change your current reports but present them smarter

• Build a mobile presentation layer on top of existing systems of records

• Tap into the latest mobile technology for presenting information on all mobile phones

• Launch apps quick, easy and cost effective

• Distribute business information real time to all people in your organisation

• Stimulate data driven actions

• Create one version of the truth for all colleagues

• Enjoy an easy interaction design, which allows intuitive navigation

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